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Recruitment position: Experimenter
Publish Time: 2013 - 12 - 27
Number of recruits: 3
work place:

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in engineering, material, biology / chemistry.
2. Relevant professional knowledge and laboratory operation experience;
3, can understand simple English, English level four or above, can access to English literature;
4, sincere and responsible, good communication skills.

1, mainly responsible for the company's technical support;
2. Assist R & D technology manager to carry out laboratory research and development.
3. Assisting R & D technology manager to answer queries from users.
4. Follow up user orders and other affairs.

Fringe benefits:
Regular salary increase and year-end performance;
5 days 7 hour work system, state legal leave, paid annual leave;
Pay social security and provident fund in accordance with the state regulations;
Non scheduled staff activities, holiday benefits, etc.

Recruitment position: Project researcher
Publish Time: 2013 - 12 - 02
Number of recruits: 1
work place:

Job requirements:
Doctoral degree, preferably in biotechnology, biomedical engineering, chemistry and materials.
Strong innovation ability, strong learning ability, and Chinese and English literature searching ability;
Familiar with material surface treatment technology, micro-nano processing technology, micro-fluid technology and sensor fabrication;
Experience in device design is preferred.
Familiar with other micro and nano processing operations such as lithography.

Job content:
The surface modification of organic or inorganic materials can achieve the purpose of stable grafting of various antigens and antibodies.
Design various test experiments to search for effective biomarkers in blood and other body fluids.
Design the device, use microfluidics technology to control the fluid, and combine membrane materials for efficient filtration.
Various characterization of materials;

Proficient in CAD software such as Solidworks or AutoCAD, more than one.
Other mapping software

Academic degree:
Doctoral or above, overseas work experience is preferred, and specific treatment is negotiable.

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