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Rush to explode, promote forty percent off 666, and limit the amount.Double pass AAO filter membrane with large spacing and large apertureQuantity is limited, first come first served, then finish.The final interpretation is all of our company.Product ParameterProduct NO.Interpore distance/nmPore diameter/nmThicknessMembrane size Φ/mmFront sideBack sideDP065-020-5000065302040~60μm13,25DP065-030-5000065303040~60μm13,25DP065-030-5000065403040~60μm13,25DP065-040-5000065404040~60μm13,25DP100-035-50000100503540~60μm13,25DP100-040-50000100504040~60μm13,25DP100-050-50000100605040~60μm13,25DP10...
发布时间: 2018 - 10 - 11
Nanotechnology: scientists have discovered a breakthrough material: graphene!Stone crystal. The novel two-dimensional material was obtained from graphene (a single layer of carbon atoms) by connecting hydrogen atoms (red) to each carbon atom (blue) in the crystal.Researchers at the University of Manchester have developed a breakthrough new material, graphene, from graphene.Graphene, a single-atom-thick crystal with unusually high conductivity, was discovered at the University in 2004 and soon became one of the hottest topics in physics and materials science. It also applies to many future appl...
发布时间: 2018 - 10 - 10
It's still new in the automotive space, and Ford's taken a unique approach to its use.You won't even be able to tell anything's different, unless you can somehow observe molecular structures with your naked eye.Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms, and its benefits could spread across many industries. While it's normally praised for its strength and conductivity, Ford plans on using it for a slightly different, but still beneficial purpose.Fordannounced this week that it intends to use graphene under the hood of future Ford vehicles. But its initial use won't be f...
发布时间: 2018 - 10 - 09
MIT engineers have found a way to directly “pinprick” microscopic holes into graphene as the material is grown in the lab. With this technique, they have fabricated relatively large sheets of graphene (“large,” meaning roughly the size of a postage stamp), with pores that could make filtering certain molecules out of solutions vastly more efficient.Such holes would typically be considered unwanted defects, but the MIT team has found that defects in graphene — which consists of a single layer of carbon atoms — can be an advantage in fields such as dialysis. Typically, much thicker polymer membr...
发布时间: 2018 - 10 - 09
Recently, our company has launched two new carbon nanotube products, namely, carbon nanotube sponge and carbon nanotube film.      The cavernous body of carbon nanotubes is a sponge like carbon nanotube formed by self-assembly of multi walled carbon nanotubes. Its structure is uniform, its mechanical strength is good, its elasticity is high, its porosity is high, and its density is low. Carbon nanotube sponge can be used as conductive porous framework for lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors, catalysts and other energy storage materials; it can also be directly used for a...
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