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The China Membrane Industry Association is working out the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of China's Membrane Industry. The Association envisages that the 13th Five-Year Plan will double the output value of functional membranes on the basis of the 12th Five-Year Plan, with an average annual increase of about 20%. At the end of 13th Five-Year, the output value of functional membrane exceeded 250 billion yuan, and exports reached 10 billion yuan / year. Under the favorable policy, the future development of membrane industry in China is very broad.The 13th Five-Year planning of membr...
发布时间: 2015 - 11 - 03
Nanomaterials and UV light can “trap” chemicals for easy removal from soil and water.Manyhuman-made pollutants in the environment resist degradation through natural processes, and disrupt hormonal and other systems in mammals andother animals. Removing these toxic materials — which include pesticides and endocrine disruptors such as bisphenol A (BPA) — with existing methods is often expensive and time-consuming.In a new paper published this week in Nature Communications,researchers from MIT and the Federal University of Goiás in Brazil demonstrate a novel method for using nanoparticles an...
发布时间: 2015 - 07 - 25
Yarns of niobium nanowire can make supercapacitors to provide a surge of energy when it’s neededWearableelectronic devices for health and fitness monitoring are a rapidly growing area of consumer electronics; one of their biggest limitations is the capacity of their tiny batteries to deliver enough power to transmit data. Now, researchers at MIT and in Canada have found a promising new approach to delivering the short but intense bursts of power needed by such small devices.The key is a new approach to making supercapacitors — devices that can store and release electrical power in such bursts,...
发布时间: 2015 - 07 - 07
According to CCTV, May 6, 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping chaired the 12th meeting of the Central Leading Group on Comprehensive and Deepening Reform, which emphasized the need to promote innovation as the core and break down institutional barriers, and considered and approved the "overall plan for promoting comprehensive and innovative reform in some regional systems" and "Shenzhen" The implementation plan of "science and technology system reform" and other documents. The current government attaches great importance to entrepreneurship and innovation, not only...
发布时间: 2015 - 05 - 06
Diamondnanothreads offer the promise of more strength and stiffness than any existing man-made material thanks to their never-before-seen atomic structure.Penn State University A team of scientists have crafted a thread of carbon atoms 20,000 times smaller than a strand of human hair, and it may prove to bethe strongest man-made material in the universe. Called a "diamond nanothread," the ultra-thin material has a never-before-seen structure resembling the hexagonal rings of bonded carbon atoms that make up diamonds, the hardest kno...
发布时间: 2014 - 09 - 24
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