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Membrane industry 13th Five-Year planning achievement application of membrane technology

Date: 2015-11-03
Author: network

The China Membrane Industry Association is working out the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of China's Membrane Industry. The Association envisages that the 13th Five-Year Plan will double the output value of functional membranes on the basis of the 12th Five-Year Plan, with an average annual increase of about 20%. At the end of 13th Five-Year, the output value of functional membrane exceeded 250 billion yuan, and exports reached 10 billion yuan / year. Under the favorable policy, the future development of membrane industry in China is very broad.

The 13th Five-Year planning of membrane industry is developing new blue sea for application of membrane technology.

On October 28, we learned that the China Membrane Industry Association is working out the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the Strategic Development of China's Membrane Industry. According to the established ideas, the 13th Five-Year Plan of membrane industry will double the output value, and the water treatment membrane products will make a significant breakthrough.

"The membrane industry has been positioned as a strategic emerging industry by the state, and has been highly valued and supported by the state. The membrane industry has grown rapidly. Adjustment of industrial structure, promotion of industrial upgrading and development of circular economy have brought great opportunities to the membrane industry, and the important role of membrane is gradually recognized by everyone.

The 13th Five-Year Plan industrial development scale of the association is envisaged that the 13th Five-Year Plan output value of functional membranes will double on the basis of the 12th Five-Year Plan, with an average annual growth of about 20%. At the end of 13th Five-Year, the output value of functional membrane exceeded 250 billion yuan, and exports reached 10 billion yuan / year. During the period, we will cultivate a number of leading enterprises: five Super enterprises with annual revenue of 5 to 10 billion yuan, 10 large enterprises with annual revenue of 10 to 5 billion yuan, and 20 high-quality enterprises with annual revenue of 2 to 1 billion yuan.

At present, our country is facing the predicament of extreme shortage of fresh water resources and serious pollution of water environment. Membrane water treatment technology has the characteristics of high effluent quality, which can meet the various needs of improving drinking water quality, improving sewage discharge quality, realizing reuse of reclaimed water, and realizing desalination of seawater. It can help China out of the water resources dilemma.

Membrane water treatment technology has become a conventional technology to solve the problems related to water resources, energy, environment and traditional industries. At present, more than 300 cities in China are facing the crisis of water shortage, and more than 100 million people are eager for clean water resources. China's per capita water resources are less than 2200m3, less than 30% of the world's per capita level. At the same time, China's water pollution situation is equally worrying, with data showing that annual economic losses from water pollution amount to 240 billion. Therefore, water conservation, water saving, water control and water reuse are the four key elements to achieve sustainable utilization of water resources, and membrane technology as an effective means of sewage treatment and reuse, is expected to draw a "new blueprint" in the field of water treatment.

Drinking water safety accidents happen frequently, achievements in application of membrane technology to new blue ocean

A series of drinking water-related incidents have occurred frequently since 2013, raising concerns about the safety of drinking water. We believe that most people are willing to pay more for safe and reliable drinking water, a driving force that goes far beyond the policy requirements.

The demand for safe drinking water has made the drinking water area a blue ocean market for membrane technology applications. According to the Blue Book of Water Purification Industry in 2015, the water treatment market will reach 7.89 million units in 2015, and the sales will reach 19.2 billion yuan. The market potential is enormous. Membrane technology is favored for its super filtration and purification function.

In 2020, the seawater desalination installation in the Gulf area will increase by 40%.

Desalination is becoming increasingly important in the Gulf States of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, where rapid economic and demographic growth has led to dramatic increases in freshwater demand or depletion of groundwater supplies. To meet the rapidly growing freshwater needs, GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council) will follow suit. Continuing to increase the scale of its desalination facilities, it is estimated that by 2020 the total installed capacity of the desalination projects in this area will increase by nearly 40% compared with the current situation. Reverse osmosis membrane technology is becoming increasingly popular in GCC countries because it relies on chemicals rather than heat for desalination purposes.

Sewage treatment assistance membrane technology enters golden period

The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and the "Ten Water Articles" which have just been published have made important references to sewage treatment and disposal. With the decrease of membrane technology cost, the improvement of water quality standard, the increase of sewage treatment and the demand of reclaimed water, the application field and scale of membrane technology will be continuously improved.

With a market of 10 trillion yuan, the membrane industry, the upstream industry of the sewage treatment industry, will soon benefit from the government's campaign to control pollution. It is estimated that when the municipal sewage treatment capacity reaches 204 million cubic meters per day in 2015, the new membrane method water treatment capacity will be 0.025 billion cubic meters per day, and the demand for membrane treatment project scale will reach 8.9 billion yuan.

Professional agencies expect that the market space for membrane processing equipment will reach 50 billion 300 million yuan during the "12th Five-Year" period. According to the current industry "China's membrane industry since 2010 into a considerable output value of the'Golden decade'" view, under the dual impetus of market demand and industrial policy, China's membrane industry will continue to show a high growth trend in the next five years.

With the vigorous development of China's environmental protection industry, the new membrane technology as an international leading technology supported by the state has attracted much attention in related application fields. This provides a vast space for the development of membrane industry.

Market participants believe that in the opportunities for breakthrough development of water treatment membranes, from the membrane technology industry chain - membrane materials - membrane packer - membrane application engineering analysis, with the overall membrane industry chain products and services companies have a more competitive advantage. A shares, such as Sino Tianjin membrane technology, water source and other listed companies, involving water treatment membrane and other related businesses. (source: China environmental protection online)

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