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New material industry is expected to become China's first area to win global industrial dominance.

Date: 2015-11-24
Author: network

The reason why the new material industry is expected to become the first industry to gain global dominance in all industries in China is from the perspective of manufacturing in China.

It can be said that Made in China enables China to participate in the division of labor in the world. When Director Shao was the director of high-tech department, the Great Wall did a project called "New Materials and Made in China". The biggest feature of the project was the assertion that 178 products made in China had achieved the world's largest market share. Many embassies came to buy the report, which had a great impact on the world. Many mainstream media around the world reported the report.

New material industry is expected to become China's first area to win global industrial dominance.


Five years ago, Made-in-China received a lot of criticism in China, mainly on the low-end and pollution keywords, but Made-in-China made China go global. Five years later, manufacturing in China has entered the mid-term of development. It can be said that from manufactured goods to midfield (which was put forward by Li Jian, a high-tech company, and attached great importance to), equipment and materials have become the key to the upgrading of manufacturing industry, and the new material industry has also changed from labor-intensive to capital-intensive and technology-intensive. It can be said that in order to achieve a comprehensive upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, we must go beyond technology and carry out all-round innovation.

China is in the transition period from primary manufacturing to high-end manufacturing, and China's economy is doing something to gain industrial dominance. Recently there is a very popular book called "Capital War", which means that China and the United States in the international capital competition, I do not think so. In the next decade, China is unlikely to have a greater dominance in capital in the world, and China should have a voice and dominance in the field of subdividing industries.

China's future competitive situation is to gain industrial dominance, which is mainly reflected in three aspects:

The first is technology dominance, which is mainly standard and core technology. Only when technology is strong can technical standards be formed. China is very strong, because the amount of Chinese manufacturing is very large, China has a certain right to speak, but if technology keeps up, it will be more dominant;

The two is the market dominance, which is embodied in two aspects: the brand of terminal consumer goods and the pricing power of resources and commodities. Now there is a financial crisis, and the pricing power of resource commodities is precisely a key area in China's competitiveness. But we found that as long as China's supply of materials is large, the price is low, because China does not understand the high-end operation. Because of the lack of multiple links in price control, China seldom calculates, which is precisely the key to losing competitiveness. The next ten years will be to make up the pricing of resources goods.

The three is capital control. One of the characteristics of manufacturing industry is that manufacturing industry has great relations with the rise of various countries. In the past, only the United States and China were big powers. It is ridiculous to report that Vietnam is catching up with China recently. I think the only competitor for Made in China in the future may be India. Vietnam, Laos and so on can only catch up with China in one area. In the next twenty years, China will still have to eat this bowl of rice, because manufacturing is mainly in China. The vitality of manufacturing industry is precisely the entry of materials, and this process happens precisely in China. At present, some factories in Germany, Japan, Britain and the United States have moved to China. After some research achievements have been made in these countries, they must go to China to carry out experiments, which greatly strengthens China's R&D strength. Therefore, in order to gain global control of the material industry, not only Chinese enterprises, the world's material research and development personnel will also establish links with China, which was a new material and Chinese manufacturing research process results. We propose that low-end materials in China, high-end abroad; manufactured goods in China, consumption is abroad, this is a typical Z-word structure; after five years, Z-word structure has been broken, forming an L-shaped structure, reflected in high-end materials in China, manufactured goods in China; C-shaped structure is to buy materials abroad, high-end processing. In China. There are many factors contributing to the global competitiveness of new materials, including the general evolution of China from Z to L to C.

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