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Product Name: Sparyer airbrush
Time: 2018 - 03 - 13
An sprayer, or airbrush, is an ideal tool for applying a thin layer of material on the substrate.We sell this for your convenience, the price of all set is less than $50. Depending on the amount of your purchase of other product, this airbrush can be free for your use.
Time: 2018 - 12 - 27
Dual-pass AAO templates (thicknesses of tens of microns) generally have a diameter of tens to hundreds of nanometers, while the length of the channels can reach tens of microns. The channels are parallel to each other, and the aperture uniformity is good. Therefore, high aspect ratio and high density metal nanowires can be easily prepared by electrochemical deposition using double-pass AAO as template.Fig. 1. schematic diagram of fabrication of metal nanowires by electrochemical deposition using...
Time: 2018 - 12 - 27
The AAO circulation filtering system is used with AAO membranes for nanoparticle separation and filtering, on a new concept of ‘Filtering in circulation’.•Special design with “Circulating & Filtering” function for clogging-free filtering.•Individual speed control of circulation and filtering on demand: fast concentrating nanoparticles, or unattended slow filtering.•Gasket & support to ensure the safety of AAO membranes during assembly and filtering.•Achieving almost 100% retention rate w...
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