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A demonstration facility for biofuel industry wastewater treatment in Ontario, Canada

Date: 2015-11-04
Author: network

According to Sinochem New Network November 3, 2015, the reporter participated in Ontario Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure Department of Canada organized by the Ontario Chemical and Biochemical Field International Media Interview Activities. In four days, more than ten journalists from China, the United States, Germany, India, Japan, Brazil and other countries went deep into the Sarnia-Lambton Chemical Industry Park, an important chemical town in Ontario. They comprehensively investigated the resources, energy, research and development, environmental protection and safety of the park and visited the park. Some representative chemical enterprises.

Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park is such a world-class incubator at the Sarnia-Lemton Park. The enterprises in the park finish the three stages of research, starting and graduation. In terms of research and development, the incubator has eight laboratories to provide research and development space, and a Bio-Industrial Process Research Center to provide business services for entrants in bio-analysis, applied research, testing and products, as well as collaborative research on funded projects.

In the pilot plant area of Research Park, the reporter saw three small test devices running. Woodland Biofuels INC, a clean technology company, developed a cellulosic ethanol demonstration facility that was the first commercial facility for the concept of cellulosic ethanol; Greencore Composites demonstrated a wood-plastic material production facility that could produce composite wood-plastic materials to meet customer requirements using different proportions of wood and polymer materials. Another set of KmX biofuels industrial wastewater membrane purification technology demonstration device. The main purpose of the pilot plant is to demonstrate, to help potential customers better understand the technology, to help innovative technology quickly find partners, and to achieve industrialization.

A demonstration facility for biofuel industry wastewater treatment in Ontario, Canada

KmX biofuels industrial wastewater membrane purification technology demonstration facility displayed in Research Park pilot plant area

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